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My name is Kurt Dusek, I built my first webapp in 2001, and I've been building ever since

Most books should be blog posts, most blog posts should be tweets, and most tweets should be deleted.

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My name is Kurt Dusek, I am currently employed as a Senior Solutions Architect at GitLab. I’ve been in the tech industry for over 20 years writing software, managing development teams, and starting a few of my own companies.

I started this blog to share my expertise on software development as it relates to creating value for business as a whole.

I love open source technology, dry humor, and tinkering with mechanical devices. My strengths are breaking down big problems into small ones, explaining technology to non-technical people, and cooking.

By nature, I’m a private person, but I recognize the need for having a public presence on the internet to share ideas and offer guidance based on my experience.

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